FactoryTalk InnovationSuite

FactoryTalk InnovationSuite empowers your people with access to real-time and near-time information that gives them what they need to make timely and well-informed decisions. It provides powerful, purpose-built, IIoT solutions that:
  • Rapidly connect users to equipment, systems data and information, from one or multiple facilities, for real-time product and performance monitoring
  • Provide insights into the performance of physical assets and digital systems, all from one interface for proactive responses and updates
  • Support rapid build and deployment of fit-for-purpose applications to all decision-makers – from the plant floor to the C-suite – for enhanced productivity and innovation
  • Automate complex, advanced analytical tasks giving stakeholders real-time information to inform decision-making
  • Use game-changing AR experiences to improve effectiveness in common industrial use cases, such as workforce instruction, training and service
  • Help eliminate information siloes for rapid information sharing and enhanced collaboration

Know what’s happening in your factory, all the time

Challenge: You want real-time insight into the production process. Otherwise, you can’t identify and respond to issues as they occur, and you face unpredictable downtime, higher operating costs and waste. Managing multiple locations and systems and relying on disconnected documents makes these issues worse. Your operations managers need comprehensive data insights at their fingertips to do their jobs effectively.
Solution: InnovationSuite retrieves, organizes and analyzes data from assets, environments, production KPIs and your MES, and enables production-level and output monitoring for individual lines. Now your managers know what’s happening on the production floor – all the time – from a convenient single source of truth. And InnovationSuite allows you to combine MES workflows with AR workflows for quality management across the enterprise.
Benefits: InnovationSuite’s real-time monitoring and immediate access to visual reports reduces your downtime, increases your productivity and boosts your asset utilization. At the same time, it automates real-time quality KPIs to improve your operational performance and improve safety and compliance.
What this means to you: When you know what’s happening on your production floor, you can take the right steps to improve business results. InnovationSuite makes it easier to prioritize actions and helps you improve productivity and product quality based on real-time, single-system views of your entire operation.

Anticipate and resolve issues before they happen

Challenge: Although regularly scheduled asset maintenance can take care of your equipment, it also leads to unnecessary and premature maintenance, which is costly. And it doesn’t catch every problem before it happens. An unanticipated asset failure can be extremely expensive, both in terms of repair costs and downtime.
Solution: By monitoring your equipment and comparing its performance with historical data, InnovationSuite helps you know ahead of time when maintenance should be performed so you can avoid unexpected failures and the disruption they cause. It can also recommend a course of action to solve the problem.
Benefits: Predictive and prescriptive maintenance reduces downtime, increases asset utilization, improves operational performance and saves money. When maintenance is performed only when needed – and not unnecessarily early – the lifespan of the equipment is optimized, and you save money.
What this means to you: When you know your equipment status ahead of time, you can do a better job at planning and scheduling maintenance resources. Advanced analytics help you identify issues before they occur and give you greater control over your production environment.

Develop documentation your employees will use

Challenge: Paper and PDF-based manuals can be awkward to use, time-consuming to maintain, difficult to search and understand and even more costly to translate. Out-of-date printed material may contain obsolete information, and there’s no way to capture step execution and inspection information to create an MES audit trail. All of this can hamper your ability to ensure that everyone can easily access – and use – the information they need.
Solution: InnovationSuite offers digitized work instructions through a user-friendly interface, enhanced by AR. These digitized instructions improve performance by combining real-time and historical asset data to deliver contextual information. InnovationSuite also maintains a full execution record, including change records for all standard operating procedures.
Benefits: AR-enhanced digitized work instructions contribute to lower costs, increased operational performance, reduced downtime and fewer errors. They can also be used as a basis for continuous improvement – thereby driving operational excellence – and to reduce translation requirements when rolling out products and solutions internationally.
What this means to you: You can improve assembly time and process efficiency in your manufacturing workflows by applying meaningful, actionable 3D interactions with facilities, processes and objects. Not only will your service technicians be empowered by AR technology that connects digital and physical workspaces to provide guided step-by-step work instructions – they’ll actually use them.

Streamline analytics integration across your enterprise

Challenge: Modular factories and siloed data can make integrating automation systems with IT systems very complicated and expensive. Without standardization in how automation is engineered and how interfaces are built, businesses face inconsistent operational intelligence measures and significant startup delays.
Solution: InnovationSuite uses automation concepts to plug-and-play batch capability (PackML, ISA 88 Batch, and more) into equipment. Facility managers can create automated agents by machine or line, ensuring that all KPIs are generated the same way. These agents present a fully functional standardized interface to simplify integration with your MES.
Benefits: The plug-and-play automation integration model simplifies integration and streamlines the connection of disparate systems, reducing downtime and increasing asset utilization and overall operational performance.
What this means to you: Applied scalable analytics can help you convert
raw data into actionable information to improve asset utilization, track quality compliance, increase output and realize a faster time to market.


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