1792 ArmorBlock MaXum I/O


Bulletin 1792 ArmorBlock MaXum I/O offers greater flexibility in severe environments. This compact, low-profile I/O is rated IP67 and NEMA 4X for on‑machine use. I/O blocks include built-in DeviceNet network support and leverage the DeviceNet KwikLink flat media system to save space and reduce installation costs. Integrated DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology provides simple, local control functions.

  • Includes 24V DC I/O circuits
  • Offers universal PNP/NPN inputs interface with either sourcing or sinking devices
  • Includes back-panel or on-machine mount, vertically or horizontally
  • Includes built-in DeviceNet network connectivity
  • Includes DeviceLogix Smart Component Technology
  • Offers Removal and Insertion Under Power (RIUP) which makes it possible to replace a module without impacting the network operation

1792 ArmorBlock® MaXum™ Digital I/O Blocks

  • Offers input, output, or combination blocks, with two to 16 points
  • Includes electronic fusing
  • Includes M12 DC micro quick-disconnect I/O terminations
  • Offers point-level or connector-level diagnostics
  • Must be installed on a cable base

1792 ArmorBlock High-Current I/O Blocks

  • Offers combination block with 16 points
  • Includes 5…10 A solid-state outputs
  • Offers autobaud detection
  • Offers point-level diagnostics
  • Does not require a separate cable base block

1792 ArmorBlock Cable Bases

  • Offers a variety of industry-standard connection options
  • Includes choice of DeviceNet KwikLink flat media or standard round media


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