Kinetix 6500


Bulletin 2094 Kinetix 6500 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives combine high-performance integrated motion with an open EtherNet/IP network. This drive can be part of a solution using EtherNet/IP to integrate high-performance servo and AC drives, I/O, smart actuators and any other EtherNet/IP-connected device. This drive provides safety features to help improve operator safety and enhance machine efficiency. Its modular structure provides an adaptable platform for future machine enhancements.

  • Continuous power output of 1.2…22 kW
  • Input volts: 324…528V AC three-phase
  • Standard Ethernet eliminates need for dedicated motion network
  • Integrates with the RSLogix™ 5000 programming software (version 20 or earlier), the Studio 5000™ Automation Engineering and Design environment (version 21 and later), and select ControlLogix™ controllers
  • Interchangeable control modules allow axes to transition to different networks or safety functionality
  • Dual-port embedded switch supports device-level ring (DLR) topology for EtherNet/IP™ applications
  • Connects to business, commercial and industrial devices with no need for proprietary hardware or software
  • Safety features include Safe Stop, Zero Speed Monitoring, Safe Direction Monitoring and Safe Maximum Acceleration Monitoring
  • Safer access to guarded areas while a machine or process continues operation under limited conditions

Built-in Safety Features:

  • Safe Torque-Off is certified at ISO 13849-1 PLe/SIL3. No external relay required to meet EN954-1 Category 3. Prevents drive restarts after the safety circuit is tripped.
  • Safe Speed Monitor combines the Safe Torque-Off capability and an embedded safety relay with the Rockwell Automation® Safe-Speed Control core technology in one hardware option embedded in the drive. Certified PLe/SIL3.


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