Линейные двигатели LDL/LDC

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Our Bulletin LDC-Series and LDL-Series Linear Servo Motors provide precise linear positioning at very high speeds. Direct Drive linear motors are connected directly to the payload that needs to be moved. This direct connection provides excellent servo responsiveness, resulting in faster settling time for any move. The LDL-Series has an ironless design for applications that require extremely smooth motion such as scanning or printing. The LDC-Series has an iron core design with high force density, which is used with smaller, less expensive motors.

  • No-wear parts such as bearings, gears, and belts
  • Connects directly to the payload that needs to be moved
  • Maintains quick movement while handling multiple motion profiles
  • Sizes and optimizes linear motors and corresponding servo drives using Motion Analyzer software
  • Full setup and programming support through RSLogix 5000 software (version 20 or earlier)
  • Achieves precise linear positioning at very high speeds
  • Provides very high speeds and acceleration for increased throughput of your machine


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