Online turbidity meter Turbimax CUE22

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Turbimax CUE22 is a reliable turbidity meter for continuous measurement compliant to US EPA 180.1. Operation is simple: connect the water, adjust the settings and the system runs unattended. Turbimax CUE22 provides guided calibration according to predefined standards, helping to streamline maintenance. Its automatic ultrasonic cleaning function extends service intervals offering significant savings in operational expenditure.


  • Long service intervals to save on operational costs

  • Fast and easy calibration, verification within seconds

  • Low volume of flow-through cuvette speeds up response time

  • Automatic ultrasonic cleaning function reduces maintenance effort

  • Sample condition adjustment (flow and pressure) included

Область применения

Turbimax CUE22 is an online turbidity meter for:

  • Drinking and process water:
    – Process monitoring
    – Filter monitoring and filter backwash in water works
    – Water quality monitoring in water works and distribution networks

  • Utilities of all industries:
    – Recirculation lines
    – Cooling water monitoring

Turbimax CUE22 measures in accordance with US EPA 180.1.

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