Universal Remote I/O

The Allen-Bradley Universal Remote I/O Link connects the PLC and SLC processors to remote I/O chassis and a host of intelligent devices such as operator interfaces and AC and DC drives. Other companies offer products such as robotic and welding controllers, scales, and wireless modems that are compatible with the Universal Remote I/O Link as well. For distributed processing, install a PLC-5 processor in an I/O chassis where it can monitor its own resident I/O while communicating to a supervisory PLC-5 processor over the Universal Remote I/O Link. SLC processors can also be distributed on the link where they can control I/O while communicating with a supervisory processor via a 1747 Direct Communication Module.

For high-speed processing applications, an extended-local I/O link is available, which provides a parallel I/O link. In addition, the Allen-Bradley ControlNet network, which provides deterministic, repeatable transfers of control data, is suitable for real-time, high-throughput applications.

Устройства с интерфейсами Universal Remote I/O

  • 1771-AF, 1771-AF1 – оптоволоконный конвертер
  • 1756-DHRIO – коммуникационный модуль для ControlLogix
  • 1784-KTS – коммуникационная плата для ПК (ISA)
  • 1784-PKTX, 1784-PKTXD – коммуникационная плата для ПК (PCI)


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