Двухходовые двухседельные

Клапаны ARCA с двойным седлом универсальны и могут применяться в различных сферах. За многие годы использования они доказали свою надежность при работе на электростанциях, корабельных установках, сталелитейных заводах и в управлении производственными процессами.

Двухседельные клапаны классической конструкции почти полностью разгружены. Небольшое усилие и малый ход позволяют использовать небольшие по размеру дешевые приводы.

Блочная система клапанов ARCA позволяет сочетать клапаны с мембранными, поршневыми, гидравлическими или электрическими приводами.

Все клапаны с двойным седлом имеют корпус с четырьмя фланцами. Двойная направляющая вала гарантирует высокую надежность, даже при работе в сложных условиях.

Тип Серия Условный диаметр Область применения
Номинальное давление Температура
2- ходовые, двухседельные 250 DN50 – DN350 PN10 – PN40 -10°C…530°C
280 DN40 – DN250 PN63 – PN160 -10°C…530°C

Описание технологий

Three-way control valves

The ARCA three-way control valve is designed to be used as a three-way or mixing valve, depending on the applica-tion. As a three-way valve, the incoming medium is split into two individual flows. This split can be 1:1 or a different ratio can be used. As a mixing valve, two media are mixed in the valve housing and exit the three-way valve in the desired new state.

Double-seat control valves

The ARCA double-seat control valve is characterized by its simple and robust design, featuring a double guided trim, and is used for larger volumetric flows. The flow is con-trolled at two ports, whereby both plug diameters are coordinated such that the medium exerts an opening force on the one plug and a closing force on the other and the actuating forces almost compensate each other out as a result. The plugs can take a variety of shapes to meet appli-cation requirements.

Angle valves

The ARCA angle valve is used in very specific plant appli cations. The ARCA modular parts system therefore integrates housings made from different cast and forged materials so that a wide variety of requirements can be met. The internals, however, always follow the same basic clamped principle of the ECOTROL® series. The process fluid flows into the angle-control valve from the side or the bottom and exits after just one deflection.

Forged valves

ARCA forged valves are made from a forged block or a dye-forged housing. Defining characteristics is the large selection of housing materials and the resulting increase in structural safety. Forged control valves are especially used in conjunction with welded ends, since they can be con-nected directly to the piping here. The internals also follow the basic clamped principle of the ECOTROL® series.

Angle-control valve
The ARCA modular parts system includes a cast model as a basic version. This cast housing series meets the requirements of basic applications. The plug used is a single-step parabolic plug. Stem sealing can be realized with cooling fins or bellows in addi-tion to the standard bonnet, whereby the packing is selected based on the application.
Further options such as a heating jacket can be added.
Angle-control valve
ARCA not only offers angle-control valves in low-pressure design, but also ones rated to a nominal pressure of 250 bar (PN 250).
Several cast models are available for different materials and can withstand temperatures up to 600 °C. The base design integrates butt weld ends to allow the housings to be adapted for individual application require-ments. Different valve trims are available, all of which feature the proven clamped seat ring design. Bonnet seals include all common versions through to a self-sealing pinch cap from Brettschneider.
Angle-control valve
ARCA cast models cannot always serve all of your applications, which is why several forged housings have been designed around proven, standardized valve trims and bonnets.
Your specific material, pressure, and tem-perature requirements are met, thanks to a nominal pressure rating of more than 250 bar (PN 250) and a temperature range beyond 600 °C. Such performance allows ARCA to provide the optimal solution for all applica-tions involving angle-control valves.

Характеристики и спецификации

Design Three-way Double-seat Forged Angular
Type 200 220 250 280 180 350 380
DN (housing) 25-600 25-300 50-350 40-250 15-100 150-1200 15-300 25-400
PN 10-40 63-160 10-40 63-160 10-250 10-40 10-250 10-400
Housing type/design Three-way Straight-way Straight-way Angle
Housing material Cast Cast Forged Cast Forged


  EN for temperatures ASTM for temperatures
Housing – cast 1.0619 GP240GH up to 450°C A 216 WCB up to 450°C
  1.7357 G17CrMo5-5 up to 530°C A 217 WC6 up to 530°C
  1.4581 GX5CrNiMoNb19-11-2 up to 550°C
  1.7379 G17CrMo9-10 up to 580°C
  1.4931 GX23CrMoV12-1 up to 600°C
  2.1050 G CuSn10 -196 up to 300°C
Housing – forged 1.0460 P250GH up to 450°C A 105 up to 450°C
  1.0425 P256GH up to 450°C
  1.5415 16Mo3 up to 530°C
  1.7335 13CrMo4-5 up to 570°C A 182 F12 Cl.2 up to 570°C
  1.7383 11CrMo9-10 up to 600°C A 182 F22 Cl.3 up to 600°C
  1.4903 X10CrMoVNb91 up to 620°C A 182F91 – P91 up to 620°C
Valve trims 1.4021 X20Cr13      
  1.4122 X39CrMo17-1      
  1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi17122      
  1.4922 X20CrMoV1 21      
  2.0966 / 2.0550      
Bonnet Standard      
  With cooling fins
  Self-sealing pinch cap
  With stuffing box control/sealing fluid connection
  With bellows

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Серия 250+280 Двухседельные клапаны

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Серия 250
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Серия 280

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