Серия 827А


Интеллектуальный дизайн: цифровой позиционер ARCAPRO® типа 827А 

Позиционер ARCAPRO® – это интеллектуальный позиционер второго поколения. Он не только предлагает широкий диапазон функций и высокую надежность, но еще и передовую диагностику системы в реальном времени, а также имеет дисплей обслуживания . Информация о положении штока посылается на потенциометр, выходной сигнал которого микропроцессор сравнивает с заданным значением. Используя специальный алгоритм управления, контроллер активирует два пьезо-датчика , которые связывают привод с атмосферой или подаваемым воздухом.

Позиционером ARCAPRO® можно управлять на месте или с пульта управления.


ARCAPRO® positioner type 827A

General data Enclosure material Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, polycarbonate
Temperature range 40.+80 °C
Steady-state deviation Typically < 0,3%
Linearity error Typically < 0,5%
Dead zone Self-adjusting (typically 0.3%) or adjustable (0.1% to 10%)
Explosion protection without / intrinsically safe / non-sparking / explosion-proof
Communication / input signal Standard / HART 4.20mA 2 wire connection, 0/4.20mA 3/4 wire connection
Profibus PA Profibus PA, profile B, version 3.02
Foundation Fieldbus H1 communication, version 2.4
Binary inputs

Switching or voltage inputs,

parameterizable (e.g. «Move valve to CLOSED»)

Option modules Analog module 4.20mA position transmitter, passive
Binary module 2 NAMUR limit switches, 1 NAMUR fault switch, 1 binary input
Slot initiator module 2 inductive NAMUR limit switches, 1 NAMUR fault switch
Contact module 2 mechanical limit switches
Pneumatic data Inlet air pressure 1.4.7bar
Continuous air consumption < 36 Ndm3/h
Mounting Linear actuators ARCA-integrated, integrated to VDI/VDE 3847 or to IEC 534; range of stroke 3.130mm
Quarter turn actuators Integrated to VDI/VDE 3847 or VDI/VDE 3845; angle of rotation 30.100°

The intelligent design: ARCAPRO® digital positioner type 827A

Functional principle ARCAPRO® is an intelligent, second-generation positioner. It not only offers a wider range of functions and higher level of reliability, but also fea-tures an advanced online diagnostics system and optional maintenance dis-play. The position of the stem is sent to a potentiometer whose output signal is then compared with the set-point by the microprocessor. Using a special control algorithm, the con-troller activates the two piezo valves, which connect the actuator with the inlet air or atmosphere.
The ARCAPRO® positioner can be operated locally or from the control room.
Optimized operating modes The ARCAPRO® positioner supports the following operating modes:
■ Automatic or manual mode
■ Initialization
■ Parameterization
■ Diagnostics
Modular design The ARCAPRO® positioner is compact and modular.
Additional modules increase your range of options:
■ Analog module: Position trans-mitter for signaling the actual posi-tion as a current signal of 4…20 mA
■ Binary module: Two adjustable software limit switches, fault sig-naling switch, binary input
■ Slot initiator module: Two vari-able inductive limit switches, fault signaling switch
■ Contact module: Two adjustable mechanical limit switches
Automatic commissioning The automatic initialization function allows you to commission the posi-tioner quickly and easily. The parame-ters can be set on the device or by means of HART, PROFIBUS or Foun-dation Fieldbus communication. The following parameters can be set:
■ Setpoint direction, characteristic
■ Split-range mode
■ Tight closing function
■ Function for position and fault signaling outputs and the binary inputs

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