1753 GuardPLC Safety I/O

Bulletin 1753 GuardPLC™ Safety I/O provides the benefits of traditional distributed I/O for Allen-Bradley® GuardPLC systems. Built-in GuardPLC 100 Mbps Ethernet network connectivity provides one of the fastest safety networks and machine stop times in the industry. The GuardPLC digital and analog I/O blocks are TÜV-certified up to SIL 3, Cat. 4, PLe.

  • Includes built-in GuardPLC™ 100 Mbps Ethernet network connectivity
  • Includes built-in 2-port Ethernet switch which makes it easy to connect I/O modules to the GuardPLC controller
  • Works with GuardPLC 1600 and GuardPLC 1800 safety controllers
  • Offers GuardPLC hand-held terminals which speed commissioning of new or replacement GuardPLC I/O modules
  • Places the I/O where the devices reside
  • Reduces wiring costs and the time necessary to wire the machine or cell
  • Reduces machine or cell start up time
  • Increases machine and cell reliability

1753 GuardPLC Digital I/O Blocks

  • Includes 24V DC safety I/O circuits
  • Offers up to 28 points per block
  • Offers input, output, relay and combination blocks

1753 GuardPLC Analog I/O Blocks

  • Includes combination I/O block
  • Includes eight safety inputs and four standard outputs


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