6177 Стандартные компьютеры 750R, 1450R

Bulletin 6177R Non-display Computers (750R and 1450R) leverage the Intel second-generation Core processors to provide extremely powerful, highly reliable platforms that are suitable for industrial environments. These computers are available in rugged machine-mount and rack-mount form factors. They offer powerful remote management, onboard backup/restore, and integrated diagnostic capabilities.

  • Multiple performance packages available, with dual-core or quad-core CPUs to offer the right performance for every application
  • Ideal hardware platform for FactoryTalk® View Site Edition 7.0 station and distributed applications
  • Offer integrated system backup and restore capabilities
  • Provide onboard diagnostics
  • Include internal USB port for secure use of software activation dongles or USB mass-storage devices
  • Provide front-removable, shock-mounted, hot-swappable, 24/7 hard-disk drives with RAID capabilities
  • Available with Windows® 7 Professional, Windows® Server 2008 R2, or Windows XP Professional operating system
  • Available without pre-installed operating system


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