Низкоинерционные и пищевые двигатели VP

Kinetix VPL Low-inertia Servo Motors and Kinetix VPF Food Grade Motors connect to and operate with Kinetix 5500 Servo Drives, supporting Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP. Based on proven MP technology for dynamic performance, these motors help to increase reliability and leverage high volume production. These motors require a single cable for providing feedback, motor brake, and motor power—allowing you to reduce installation and commissioning time, simplify wiring, and reduce your inventory. The VPF Food Grade Motor combines high-efficiency, high-torque capabilities with features designed to meet the unique needs of your food and beverage applications.

Kinetix VPL Low-inertia Servo Motors

  • Provides real-time motor performance information to the control system via digital feedback device
  • Optimized to match drive ratings and allows for efficient system sizing
  • Available in 6 frame sizes
  • Offers torque rating of 0.46…33.0 Nm
  • Based on proven magnetic core MP technology
  • Provides feedback, motor brake, and motor power through a single cable

Kinetix VPF Food Grade Servo Motors

  • Includes frame sizes: 63, 75, 100, 115, 130, 165mm
  • Offers torque ranges from 0.54 Nm to 14.78 Nm
  • Offers improved food grade white paint
  • Includes food grade shaft seal
  • Includes food grade and REACH compliant shaft seal grease
  • Includes stainless steel shaft and fasteners


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